Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

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3⁄4 TIME            Strumming: Thumb strum strum 

│C        │Am7     │C         │Am7     │ 

│C        │Am7     │C         │Am7     │

Come away with me in the night 

│C        │Am7    │Em    │F   /  Fsus2│ C        │G        │
Come away with me, and I will write you a song

│C        │Am7     │C         │Am7     │
Come away with me on a bus

│C        │Am7    │Em    │F   /  Fsus2│ C        │G        │
Come away where they can't tempt us with their lies

│G        │F        │C        │C        │

I want to walk with you, on a cloudy day
│G        │F        │C        │C        │G        │G        │ 
In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high, So won't you try to come

Come away with me and we'll kiss, On a mountaintop
Come away with me, And I'll never stop loving you

Instrumental Solo over Verse (x2)

And I want to wake up with the rain, Falling on a tin roof
While I'm safe there in your arms, So all I ask is for you

│C        │Am7    │C        │Am7    │C        │G        │C        │ 

To come away with me in the night,  Come away with me

Come Away With Me by Norah Jones - Lesson Notes

Although this is a piano song it sounds great on the guitar! 

To get the feel of the song a great way to play it is to use the thumb to pick the bass note of the chord and then use your index finger to strum the other strings.

We are in 3/4 time here which means the rhythm will be: thumb strum strum, thumb strum strum.

This is a very common style of playing chords on the piano and it works brilliantly on the guitar as well.

Listen to the song and how Norah changes the dynamics (volume and intensity) up and down almost constantly which gives the song a beautiful relaxed flow.

A nice and easy addition to the sound is the Fsus2 chord in the chorus. All you need to do is play the 3rd string open (the normal F chord plays 2nd fret on the 3rd string).

The best fingering here for the F and Fsus2 chords is using your thumb on the 6th string which makes it easy to just lift off your 2nd finger to get the sus2. 

Have fun!



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