As adults, wether we know it or not, we have many years of music education up our sleeve. All the music you have listened to in your life has been processed by your mind and body. Whether you are into Folk, Blues, Rock, Pop, Alternative, or Jazz, I aim to make sure that you learn the music you love. This philosophy is at the heart of my teaching approach. As much as I love to delve into theory, scales, and technique study, I generally keep these less inspirational topics in the background. At the end of the day it is how I manage to inspire each student that determines his/her success learning guitar. 

Areas of Study

  • Simple pop melodies
  • Chords
  • Note reading (optional)
  • Strumming
  • Cool riffs
  • Solo licks
  • Scales
  • Sus chords, slash chords, chord extensions
  • Songs, songs, and more songs
  • The great guitar players
  • Style study - Blues Pop Rock Jazz Alternative Funk Soul
  • Fingerpicking
  • Flat-picking
  • Hybrid picking
  • Rhythm studies
  • Harmony
  • Ear training
  • How to learn songs by ear
  • Composition

Guitar Lesson Setup

  • 1 hour lessons @ $75
  • Location: Kidman Street, Coogee, or;
  • If you are located within 5 kms I can come to your home
  • Some study material may need to be purchased
  • You will need your own instrument!

Buying Your First Instrument

It is important that your first instrument is the right fit for you in terms of size and ease of playing. If you haven't bought your instrument yet just shoot me an email and I am happy to give you a recommendation. 


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