Learning an instrument can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial to children. The ability to play an instrument is something they can enjoy their whole lives. Learning music is not only exciting but it is also proven to have strong pedagogical benefits. Not only does it afford concrete learning outcomes such as increased understanding of subdivision, logic, multidimentional relationships (time, melody, harmony) etc. but it also improves a child's learning ability by developing perseverance, self confidence, and conceptual thinking. Teaching kids is about evoking their natural desire to learn. We learn about music from the ground up using movements and sounds to learn about rhythm, music reading to learn about melody, and we play together to learn about harmony. 

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Kids Guitar Lesson Setup

  • 30 min lessons @ $45
  • Location: Kidman Street, Coogee, or;
  • If you are located within 5 kms I can come to your home
  • Some study material may need to be purchased 
  • The student will need their own instrument!

Buying Your First Instrument

It is important that your child's  first instrument is the right fit for him or her in terms of size and ease of playing. If you haven't bought an instrument yet just shoot me an email and I am happy to give you a recommendation.