On this website I will share what I have learnt over a decade of performing and teaching music to students of all abilities and ages. Here you will find my uniquely designed chord charts for great guitar songs, the classics and the new, in an easy to understand layout with all the information you need to learn the song and get it to sound "right". I will also post technique lessons, music theory lessons, rhythm and strumming lessons, solo transcriptions, and some general musings about music, guitar and bass. 


Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons in the Eastern Suburbs


Guitar Lessons

As adults, wether we know it or not, we have many years of music education up our sleeve. All the music you have listened to in your life has been processed by your mind and body. I like to capitalise on this by teaching the songs that you know and connect with. For the more experienced we study all facets of guitar playing; styles, techniques, and we explore the sounds of the greats. Read more...

Bass Lessons

Bass is definitely one of the coolest instruments on the planet! We learn about the role of the bass, how to construct bass lines, style study, rhythm studies, harmony study, note reading, developing time feel, and we look at the great bass players in music history and work out what they are doing so well. Read more... 

Kids Guitar Lessons

Teaching kids is about evoking their natural desire to learn. We learn about music from the ground up using movements and sounds to learn about rhythm, music reading to learn about melody, and we play together to learn about harmony. Read more...

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Martin Marklund

BMus (Hons), GradDipMus, GradDipEdu, MBus.